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GIS In Ecology Forum

This forum has been set up by GIS In Ecology to provide a place for ecologists and marine biologists to discuss issues related to the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in their research. This might include asking other group members (including those of us at GIS In Ecology) for advice on how to do specific things in GIS or for suggestions about possible data sources for a specific project.  We will also use it to post news and announcements from GIS In Ecology.   Anyone can read the messages on this forum on it, but only members can post on it. All messages are moderated before posting and are saved to a publicly-accessible archive.  You can join this group by clicking here (you will need to sign up for a Google account as this forum is run through Google Groups).  Full information about what can be posted on this forum can be found here.  While GIS In Ecology hosts this forum, all information posted on it is provided on an 'as is' basis, and GIS In Ecology bears no responsibility for the accuracy of its content. It is, therefore, up the individual user to ensure that any information contained in it is accurate and suitable for a specific purpose they wish to use it for.

If you just wish to receive announcements and new from GIS In Ecology, email us at and request that we add your email address to our News And Announcements email list.

NOTE: If the forum does not appear in the box below this text, this is due to a compatibility issue with your browser.  If this occurs, you can access this forum by clicking here.    




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